Building Analysis and Guidance Service.

Solving your Damp, Mould and Insulation Problems.

We provide the metrics and the guidance to help Councils, Housing Associations and Landlords find causes of damp, mould and insulation issues quicker, and plan better repairs and retrofits.


Straightforward advice from expert-level building performance data.

We Have it Covered.

Don’t Waste Valuable Time Trying to Understand Complex Data.

How do I maintain a healthy humidity? How much do I save with better insulation? Is the damp caused by a leak or condensation? Are the fans working? 


Our analytics and sensors do the calculations. We give you the answers. You spend more time making positive changes.

We Solve Problems

What Can We Do For You?

Case A - Retrofit

Confirm success of heating and ventilation retrofit in a block of flats to inform further investment in the rest of the stock.

Case B - Mould and Damp

Recurring mould on children's bedroom wall. Monthly mould washes are ineffective and costing in excess of £2.5k in repeat visits.

Case C - HMO

HMO with dripping walls £1000 already spent on unsuccessful investigation into suspected leak.

You have goals. We give you results.

One in each room.

Battery Powered. 4cmx4cmx1.5cm

No Wires. No Fuss.

Simple To Install Sensor Technology. Powerful Analytics.

Bring your own data, or use our intelligent sensors for a deeper analysis. You tell us your goals, we give you solutions.

  • Put our sensors in each room. It takes 10 minutes.
  • See results and predictions. We help you decide on what to change.