How we are Improving Health by Modernising Air Quality Tech.

We are now moving to the next stage of our healthy homes project with Leeds City Council Health Protection team, University of Leeds and Green Doctors. Measuring indoor and outdoor air quality is essential in our work to improve the health outcomes for families across the UK.   So far in this project we have helped […]

Solving mould and damp is a partnership – it starts with trust.

When damp and mould appear in social housing, it can spell disaster. Landlords and tenants can struggle to understand the causes of moisture. Is it the quality of the building, the quality of the repairs or simply tenants’ daily cooking, washing, or bathing habits that are the cause of the problem? Without data, both sides […]

Zero tolerance approach to damp

Landlords are under pressure to eliminate damp and mould, but they can’t achieve everything alone – they must act in partnership with tenants and community support services to tackle the problem. Almost a million UK homes suffer from damp and mould, damaging properties and harming health. Landlords are responsible for fixing unfit dwellings and will […]

Awaretag receives South Gloucestershire Council innovation grant

Awaretag has been awarded funding through Toshiba R&D and South Gloucestershire’s UMBRELLA fund to help us further develop our innovative range of products that can make a real difference in tackling today’s societal challenges. Five small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the digital technology sector have received investment from the UK Government through the UK […]

Calculating the cost of mould and damp

Damp and mould can have a dramatic impact on the health and wellbeing of tenants – and be costly to fix. But the effects of damp and mould are more than simply financial; if left untreated, they can cause devastating damage to your reputation as a landlord. Here we explore the obvious and hidden costs […]