How we are Improving Health by Modernising Air Quality Tech.

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We are now moving to the next stage of our healthy homes project with Leeds City Council Health Protection team, University of Leeds and Green Doctors.

Measuring indoor and outdoor air quality is essential in our work to improve the health outcomes for families across the UK.  

So far in this project we have helped families make better ventilation, roof repairs and wall insulation improvements decisions. We have helped families get financial support to heat their homes through winter, and prevent damp and mould in their properties.

This next stage we address air pollutants. We have developed a wireless air quality sensor with the help of the University of Leeds. Building on our hub, sensor and analytics platform to give a more complete picture of the impacts of damp, mould, indoor and outdoor air quality on health.  

The sensor measures PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, relative humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds typically from household products, nitrogen oxides typically from vehicles, and carbon dioxide.  

Bringing together Leeds City Council’s outdoor air quality readings, Green Doctors’ on-the-ground-support, and our analytics platform, we will be able to identify key risk factors, and build a hub for tailored advice and assistance in the Leeds area.

We welcome other innovative housing providers and contractors who wish to make improvements to lives and homes based on data. Contact us to get involved.

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