Our Services

Measurement, Analysis and Buildings Improvement Guidance

We work with Housing Associations, Councils and Landlords who want to know how they can improve the quality of the building and the outcomes for residents in one visit.  


We provide the guidance on what parts of the building needs to be improved and what assistance the resident needs.


We remove the hours wasted on multiple visits, and the £1000’s wasted fixing the wrong things. We measure and grade all aspects of a home in one visit.  The insulation performance, the impact of outdoor and indoor conditions, the affordability of heating, the risk of damp and mould to walls, the performance of ventilation, the concerns of the resident.  


We take all the measurements needed to create a healthy home and deliver guidance that everyone can understand: for surveyors and contractors who need expert-level metrics, to housing officers, landlords and tenants who need straightforward advice.

No wires. No fuss.

Expert Measurement

Small, battery powered sensors and GSM enabled hub.  Reusable for any home. Place a sensor in each room, plug in the hub, the light goes on. It’s that simple. Leave for 2 weeks and then put them in another property.

Better Understanding for Better Outcomes

Deeper Analysis. Clear Guidance

Our analytics and algorithms take into account the indoor and outdoor environment, and the fabric of the building.

Our reports can be as simple as a short summary, interactive charts and 3D visualisations, to online or in-person reviews with your teams and residents.

ROI Follow-up

Validation and Learning

We can help you prove money has been well spent and residents are happier.  Our metrics include a ‘before and after’ assessment of the risks of damp and mould, the affordability of the heating, the ventilation performance and the quality of the walls. Link the data to your resident questionnaire or we can create a questionnaire for you.

Get Ahead

Heating and Insulation Prediction

We have calculated the heating and Insulation performance of 8 million social homes and the risk of damp and mould. 

Overlay your stock of homes to plan a proactive response to fuel poverty, reduction in carbon footprint and creation of damp free homes.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

The hub is 5x5x2.5cm and the sensors are 2x2x1.5cm.  They are all UKCA, CE, FCC approved

The sensors have a 4 year battery.  The hub needs to be plugged into a mains socket and consumes about 1kWh of electricity or 30p

No. The hub has a SIM card in it for an internet connection. The sensors talk to the hub by bluetooth

A 3 bed room home typically needs 7 sensors and one hub. One sensor per room.  If you need more to measure basements, lofts, garages, then let us know.

Yes. It takes 2 weeks to get a good baseline of conditions of the home.  Simply remove them and place them in a different home.  Use the app to update the locations or tell us the details.

The technology is only capable of collecting temperature and humidity data.  We do not collect sounds, movement, occupancy levels.

Our technology is designed to be self-install. Our analysis goes a step further than most others.  We don’t just tell you there is a problem, we tell you the cause and the options to fix it.

We are happy to work with your contractors or community support teams to organise a visit, place the sensors, do the analysis and report back to you. Let us know what works for you.